Small World Big City

عالم صغير مدينة كبيرة

Johnny: Hello! Hello? Excuse me! Excuse me?

جوني: مرحبا! مرحبا؟ عذراً عذراً

Olivia: Just sit down anywhere – they don’t have waiters in here!

اوليفيا: اجلسي هنا فقط - ليس لديهم خدم هنا!

Johnny: Oh, ok, is it ok if I sit here?

جوني: اوه، حسنًا، هل يمكنني الجلوس هنا؟

Olivia: Sure...but you’ll need to go to the counter if you want anything...

Johnny: Actually, I’m not really here to eat, or anything. I’m supposed to be meeting someone.

Olivia: Well, wait here long enough, most of London will come in...

Johnny: Sorry?

Olivia: Just joking.

Sarah: Excuse me, is anybody sitting here?

Olivia: I can’t see anyone!

Sarah: Sorry?

Olivia: Just joking. Go ahead, sit down.

Sarah: Thanks.

Olivia: You might be waiting a while if you sit here.

Sarah: Sorry?

Olivia: There are no waiters here – people usually just go up to the counter and order whatever they want.

Sarah: Oh...well...I’m just supposed to be meeting someone here actually...

Olivia: Not him, by any chance?

Sarah: Who?

Olivia: This guy here!

Johnny: Hello!

Sarah: Oh. No...

Johnny: No...I am waiting to meet someone...but not you! Where are you from, anyway?

Sarah: Well, I live in London now, but I’m originally from Shanghai.

Johnny: Thought so! I’m from Hong Kong.

Olivia: Sorry to interrupt..but who are you both waiting for?

Johnny: I’m waiting for my friend Harry...

Sarah: ...and I’m waiting for my friend Magda...

Olivia: How interesting!

Johnny: Erm...why’s that interesting?

Olivia: Because Harry and Magda are both friends of mine as well, and right now I’m waiting for both of them too...and here they are!

All: Hello

Olivia: Let’s make this easier - I’m Olivia!

Johnny: I’m Johnny. I’m a friend of...

Harry: ...mine. He’s a friend of mine. I’m Harry.

Sarah: Ok! I’m Sarah, and I’m a friend of...

Magda: ...mine! I’m Magda. Nice to meet you!

Olivia: This is complicated, isn’t it? Shall I get some tea? I think we’ll need a big pot, this might take some time. So, how do we all know each other..?

يا الله
يا رب

تدرب على النص بالصوت

يمكننا جمعك بشخص آخر يريد التدرب على المحادثة الصوتية عبر وتساب

منذ 18 شهر خالد العفان
يا رب
منذ 18 شهر خالد العفان
I love it
منذ 18 شهر خالد العفان
يا رب
منذ 18 شهر خالد العفان
الحمد لله
منذ 18 شهر خالد العفان
منذ 18 شهر مجهول

تواصل معنا (اقتراح، استفسار، طلب وما شابه اكتب براحتك)