The donkey and to walk on the donkey's back and the young boy walking

ذهب الولد إلى زيادة عدد الحروف التى لا تنام قبل ان أراك في مشروعك الريادي

Johnny: Hello! Hello? Excuse me! Excuse me?

Olivia: Just sit down anywhere – they don’t have waiters in here!

Johnny: Oh, ok, is it ok if I sit here?

Olivia: Sure...but you’ll need to go to the counter if you want anything...

Johnny: Actually, I’m not really here to eat, or anything. I’m supposed to be meeting someone.

Olivia: Well, wait here long enough, most of London will come in...

Johnny: Sorry?

Olivia: Just joking.

Sarah: Excuse me, is anybody sitting here?

Olivia: I can’t see anyone!

Sarah: Sorry?

Olivia: Just joking. Go ahead, sit down.

Sarah: Thanks.

Olivia: You might be waiting a while if you sit here.

Sarah: Sorry?

Olivia: There are no waiters here – people usually just go up to the counter and order whatever they want.


تدرب على النص بالصوت

يمكننا جمعك بشخص آخر يريد التدرب على المحادثة الصوتية عبر وتساب

منذ 18 شهر خالد العفان
منذ 18 شهر خالد العفان
يا رب

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